Danmark and the ‘plus side’ of social businesses

Danmark and the ‘plus side’ of social businesses

An innovative drop-in centre in Denmark goes one step further … it’s a growing social business in its own right.

bla oaseThe Danish city of Aabenraa is showing that a social service like a rehabilitation ‘drop-in’ centre can become a successful business and a positive example for people who seek help there.

The ‘Den Blå Oase’ (The Blue Oasis) welcomes addicts and other vulnerable groups and, in parallel, runs a social business called 4plus, which collects and resells used clothes in Denmark and abroad. 4plus is a continuation of an earlier project Det Blå Sjak (The Blue Team) funded by the ESF.

The earnings help to finance the drop-in centre, which in turn gives selected participants a fresh start, helping them find a stable job and provide for themselves.


Credit : European Commission

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