‘Life coach’ is in business to help others

‘Life coach’ is in business to help others

Mogens overcame chronic shyness to become a musician and actor. Today, he runs his own life coach business through which he helps to motivate others. He set up his company after taking an entrepreneurship training programme, which was co-funded by the European Social Fund.

imageMogens2The training course – organised by the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Denmark’s Aarhus University – included advice on dealing with commercial rules and regulations. It also required participants to examine their personal skills, motivations and expectations.

After a stint of professional acting, Mogens realised that he wanted to start his own company to help people build their confidence and make the most of their life chances. He was sure that his own coaching techniques, developed over his years in the theatre, could be harnessed to good effect.

The training course proved to be the catalyst Mogens needed. “Being familiar with the ‘rules of the road’ was a real help,” he says. “I could not have started my business without it, but I also learned something about my individual strengths and weaknesses, my personality, and my potential as an independent entrepreneur.”

End product

imageMogensMogens company is called Re-Act! and is based in Aarhus. It provides coaching and consulting to people who want to move on in their careers, develop new skills, work through business problems or deal with personal demons.

“Knowing who you are and why you want what you want can influence how well you do,” says Mogens. “This is something I learned during the ESF course. The experience helped me to get a clear picture of where I want to go and how I want to get there. And that’s what I teach others; I have now helped hundreds of people to move forward in their lives and careers. I would call that success.”


“I had some pretty clear notions about where I wanted to go,” says Mogens, “but I was trying to start a company without any experience. Meanwhile, my wife was looking for support for a theatre group she heads, and this meant our financial situation was not very stable. I knew I needed real help to get my business started, and I needed to act quickly.”


Credit : Social Funds – European Commission

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