Responsible action – an opportunity to be harnessed

Responsible action – an opportunity to be harnessed

As I write this column, the rain is pouring down and the wind beats menacingly at the roof sheets. It is almost dawn by the Aura River. This is not the first time this autumn that I have been woken up by nature’s alarm clock instead of my iPhone melody ringtone. Although the weather this morning is most probably just proof that it is early winter and perfectly normal for the season, I can’t help thinking about the other possibility – has the weather really changed?

This experience prompted me to write about how fear perhaps has the greatest impact on people’s everyday attitudes and behaviour, while at the same time creating new opportunities for success stories.

In Finland, in particular, climate change and the influx of refugees are good examples of how we remain unaffected by global challenges until they literally reach our own backyard or, in my case, until the roof sheets take a beating from storm winds. It is only then that people seem to wake up to reality and, regrettably often, fear tends to take the upper hand, even in Finland which, on a global scale, is still a very safe haven.

What then has the greatest power to change people’s attitudes? I dare to claim that it is the global awakening to the fact that, at the end of the day, people do not own this planet. And that there might not be a “planet B” after all, if things go really and irreversibly pear-shaped.

What does this mean for Finnish companies?

As people’s values and attitudes shift at a rapid pace, this inevitably gives rise to new opportunities to stand out on global and national markets alike. Responsible action, i.e. adopting good practices and operating models, is increasingly taking the driver’s seat in the behaviour of both people and companies. We simply cannot afford to be irresponsible anymore, and neither can even the world’s wealthiest car manufacturer, the VW Group. Finnish companies that are traditionally very responsible have an historic opportunity to raise their profile and harness responsible action into a competitive advantage, even for Finland as a nation.


Source : Good News from Finland

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